XIX International Congress of Hypnosis

Idea of the congress

This is the 19th International Hypnosis Congress of the International Hypnosis Society, which dates its inception from 1889, and which has taken place every three years since 1973. The congress brings together leading experts from all over the world who represent a wide range of hypnotic skills, theoretical orientations and research interests. Numerous renowned hypnosis experts have replied to our invitation and will contribute to the congress. The ISH congress offers a pleasant atmosphere for speakers and participants from all over the world to meet, to exchange ideas and learn from one another.


Structure of the congress

The congress will offer a range of learning components with 3 hour and 1.5 hour workshops, lectures, panel discussions, symposia and keynote speeches. There will be many parallel events from which to choose what is most interesting for you and your work.


Congress languages

German and English. The keynote presentations will take place in the largest room of the Conference Center as well as the largest workshops. These events will have simultaneous translation (with headsets). All other presentations, in German or English, are without translation. It is possible that there will be a few workshops held in other languages (e.g. French) as we plan for a more international experience. Currently
15-20 parallel events in English and German are being planned.


Program Highlights

Since the beginning of 2011, many of the leading hypnosis experts from all over the world have submitted their papers and workshop proposals for the Bremen Congress. Amongst these are specialists in the
use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in such diverse fields as psychotherapy, trauma therapy, medicine (anesthesia, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, general medicine, rehabilitation, pain), dentistry, mental training, voice and speech therapy, and neuropsychological research. Currently, the call for papers is still open. The program and scientific committees will review submissions until the beginning of 2012 and will select the papers. As soon as the speakers have confirmed their participation and the program highlights are set, they will be published on www.hypnosis-congress.com. The first edition of the congress schedule is planned to be completed by April 2012.


Cultural Programs

At this writing we have confirmation of some famous artists for a humorous and entertaining cultural program. On Saturday there will be a congress party. On Friday evening, directly in front of our congress Center “The Freimarkt of Bremen” will take place. This is the largest feast of the North, an almost 1000 year old tradition, which predates the Oktoberfest by several hundred years.


International Society of Hypnosis

The International Society of Hypnosis ISH comprises about 40 member associations from all continents all over the world. At the same time the leading hypnotherapists and -researchers are organized as single members in this society. The ISH publishes scientific magazines (JCEH), a newsletter and bestows five awards every three years in line with the international congresses.


Congress Center and Bremen

Bremen, the port city on the Weser River, looks back on over 1200 years of history. It is located in the north of Germany. The Congress Center of Bremen is located in the heart of the city, only a 100 meters from the main train station and easily accessible by all means of transportation. The magnificent Citizen Park of Bremen is within a 5 minutes walk and offers the opportunity to spend the lunch break in a
lush green environment.


The “Bremen Town Musicians”

This universally known fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm tells the story of cock, cat, dog and donkey. Their owners think they are too old and therefore want to kill them. The animals manage to escape and by chance meet afterwards. They follow the donkey’s proposition to become town musicians in Bremen and set out for Bremen. Finally, in conjoint “utilization” of their resources and strengths, they manage to seize the house of a band of robbers and decide to stay there. Contrary to the Bremen Town Musicians, the international hypnosis-world is planning to actually reach Bremen and unfold their skills, resources
and combined creativity there. The hosts strive to “rock” the congress in every single way granting an ideal basis to unfold the collective creative potential.

Abstracts Program Headlines board
Abstracts Program Headline board