Trauma and Illness: EMDR in Psycho-oncology

Trauma-Illness.inddThis book presents an in-depth look on oncological diseases based on extensive psychotherapeutic practice and experience. It is an outgrowth of the many clear evidences encountered in the author’s practice of how EMDR therapy can be integrated with other psychotherapies, and how its composite efficacy proves to be objectively measurable at an exponential rate. Interventions on the disease-related traumatic symptoms permit recovery and reintegration of the consequent fragmented functioning of the cognitive, emotional, sensorial and body system. The EMDR therapy is an incisive, flexible and customized instrument, fostering adaptive information reprocessed at all levels. Integration of EMDR with psychotherapy has also proven usefulness with the burden of family members and medical staff (doctors and professional caregivers) who are emotionally and professionally closely involved in witnessing the person’s illness during the critical stage.